Since Feb 2019, I am working as the Head of Automation for Sydney at Planit Testing. Before that I was the Quality Practice Lead at Campaign Monitor where I had worked since 2009.

I’ve experienced the changes involved in working for a <15 person company to a 200+ person company. I’ve got a lot of experience writing automation tests while trying out a few different languages/techniques along the way. I’ve worked with multiple different, yet amazing, managers over that time, with many different workmates and have loved it all.

Throughout all this I’ve developed a strong passion for problem solving, re-evaluating techniques and processes to keep them effective and efficient as well as a strong diligence to be thorough in manual testing. I’m a well-respected part of my project team, QA team and company as a whole.

I made this blog so I can consolidate the things I have learnt through my experience, explore new ideas and share my knowledge with others.

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I also have an old blog i just re-discovered:

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