I am an international speaker and am very happy to explore new opportunities to share my experience and knowledge with other people. I’m the Quality Practice Lead at Campaign Monitor where I am driving change in how quality and testing are viewed and implemented within the organisation. I am also responsible globally for Quality across the 3 companies belonging to our parent. And, I’m keen to share this journey for others to learn from. I have over 8 years experience in testing, with strong manual and technical experience, I love problem solving and finding new and better ways to do things. I can talk about Agile, Automated Tests, Getting developers to test, Coaching, Running meetings, Exploratory Testing, Running workshops and more.

If you would be interested in having me contribute at an event you are running, please reach out! I’m on twitter as @pete_bartlett, LinkedIn, or email me

Speaking Engagements


  • Advancing Quality by turning developers into quality champions – Oct 19, 2018 – TestBash Australia – Sydney, Australia
  • Building a strong and useful set of automated checks in a Continuous Delivery World – May 18, 2018 – Testing in Agile & DevQAOps Forum 2018 – Sydney, Australia
  • Flying the Flag for Quality as a 1-Man-Band (Talk) &
    Introduction to Coaching Testing (Full day Tutorial, co-leading) – Feb 28-Mar 1, 2018 – CASTx18 – Melbourne, Australia


“Common sense ideas presented in a digestible form.”

“Thank you Peter for the wonderful session.”

“The session was highly relatable and provided useful insights to the implementation at CM. Thanks Pete!”

  • Building a strong and useful set of automated checks in a Continuous Delivery world – Oct 30-31, 2017 – Australian Testing Days – Sydney, Australia
  • How to show your boss the real value of testing – Sep 19, 2017 – Software Testing Symposium – Sydney, Australia


  • Create the Change You Want – Aug 8-10, 2016 – CAST 2016 – Vancouver, Canada